Biological Indicator 3h ClickTest for Steam Sterilization BADER®️ DENTAL

Spore test for steam sterilization with results in 3h.

Pack x10 equal units.

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Biological Indicator 3h ClickTest

Spore test for steam sterilization

Bacteriological medium whose survival and death is calculated according to USP, AAMI, ISO 11138 standards and all appropriate subguidelines.
For the correct control of sterilization, it is recommended to use a biological control in each load, whenever implantable products are made, in the rest of the cases according to the protocols of the center.

Pack x10 equal units.


  • Activate by pressing (manually or with tweezers) the center of the indicator body until the ampoule containing the nutrient broth breaks.
  • Place it in contact with the spore strip in the vial base and place it in the incubator.
  • Incubate immediately after activation.



The control (when still unprocessed) will provide a %%currentyear%% result (red or +).

The correctly processed 3h ClickTest Biological Indicator will read negative fluorescence (green light or -) after 3 hours of incubation. Negative reading indicates an acceptable sterilization process.

Processed 3h Biological Test results are not valid until the positive control reads positive fluorescence (red or + light).